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Dog's always get love and attention when they are with me. I am home most of the day except for one or two dog walks occasionally that take me away for an hour or so.  When Dog boarding, dogs have free access to the house.  The house has a med/large yard. I can be very active and playful or really gentle and laid back depending on what the dog needs.  A typical day includes some play time in the back yard, a dog walk or jog depending on the dogs interest, feeding, naps and plenty of love and attention and playing inside if they want. I only take on 3-4 dogs at most usually, usually less, so I can provide quality care and maintain a safe controlled environment. I understand dog behavior very well and like to be safe and cautious and keep a close eye on the dogs until I understand their behavior and can trust them.  I don't kennel but if a Dog likes or needs their kennel you can bring it over.  I have a doggie gate and I separate dogs if I have to leave for a dog walk. I really love my job and I am looking forward to meeting more awesome clients and pets!  No request is too much so please feel free to ask anything, I want your dogs to be treated just the way they get love at home! :) ere we give answers to your questions like why you should use us?  We also have our prices and services listed and answer some FAQ's.  We look forward to your business and serving you and your pets

About me:  Joseph Doyle

Hi!  I am an Army Veteran and I hold a B.S. in psychology from WSUV.  I enjoy reading, exercising and staying active and care about proper nutrition.  I want to do a thru-hike on the PCT  in the future and maybe work on a masters in social work and eventual work at the VA hospital with returning veterans.  I like to occasionally get out to hike/camp (Mt. St Helens this summer), Mt. bike, kayak, snowboard, play guitar, play tennis.  I really mostly like to read a lot, mostly psychology stuff, philosophy, biographies, religious history...and comic books.  I don't watch much TV but I love "The Walking Dead" TV show and comic.  I grew up here in the NW playing a lot of soccer.  This is the first time my life has slowed down a little, I get to read, be active and watch dogs for a living...It's an awesome job and keeps me very happy.  I love hanging out with dogs and meeting their awesome owners.  I've really met a lot of wonderful pets and nice people and this job has been very enjoyable!  

Our Pets 

Harley:  Harley is 11 years old but has the energy of a puppy.  I have had Harley for a year now.  I took him as a foster care situation that turned into a full ownership.  Harley loves walks, treats and chasing squirrels.


A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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